Program Overview


 2014 Fellowships Announced:

China, Mexico, Vietnam

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You can view the presentations about their educational experiences from the 2012 Fellows here.  

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Key Dates to Remember:

Sep 13 (12:00-1:30, room 252 Erickson):  Information session for doctoral studentsprospective applicants in the College of Education for the 2012-2013 Fellowship.  There will be a panel of last year’s fellowship recipients to share their experiences and insights. Did you miss this info session but want the information? You can view a video of the info session (split into two parts) by going here.

Sep 20 (11:00-1:00 room 252 Erickson Hall):  Showcase of 2013 Study Tours: Presentation by recipients of the Summer 2013 fellowships (study tours) to Botswana, China, and Indonesia.  

Oct 4:  DEADLINE - Doctoral student applications for the 2013-2014 Fellowship. *** Please note, the application deadline for the Summer 2014 fellowship to participate in an international study tour is much earlier thanit has been in years past.  Students will be notified about the status of their fellowship application by early-November. 

Click here to see the 2013 Fellows. 

Read about the Botswana Fellowship in World Go Round, the International School Psychology Association’s publication. 

Program Overview

In 2010, Dr. Carole Ames, then the Dean of the College of Education at Michigan State University proposed to expand international study abroad experiences for the college’s doctoral students. Building on the successful international scholar exchange and study program established in 2008 with Southwest University (SWU) in Chongqing, China, Dean Ames invited College of Education faculty to propose potential international study abroad experiences and appointed Dr. Reitumetse Mabokela to serve as the program’s coordinator. Now the program has expanded with the support of the current Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Don Heller under the leadership of Dr. Reitumetse Mabokela now the Assistant Dean of International Studies. Established as the Fellowship for Enhancing Global Understanding Program, these opportunities were and are designed to help future researchers develop a global perspective on educational policies and practices. The program is also designed to provide graduate students pursuing doctoral study in the College of Education an opportunity to learn about the educational systems and cultures of other countries. In 2011 MSU formally expanded the Fellowship for Enhancing Global Understanding Program to include faculty-led Fellowships to China, Botswana, and Vietnam. The 2012 Fellowships were to China, Cyprus, and Vietnam; the 2013 Fellowships were to Botswana, China, and Indonesia. 


Three different Fellowships will be available for Summer 2014. The Fellowships will be: China, Mexico, and Vietnam. Please see each Fellowship’s details for more information about dates, itinerary, focus and topics, travel, and accommodations.

Pre-departure Requirements: Participants are required to attend pre-trip monthly orientation sessions organized by the College of Education and do a modest amount of reading in preparation for these sessions.  Each fellow is also responsible for securing his/her passport, visa, and immunizations.  The College will provide letters of support as necessary.

Post-Trip Requirements: During the Fall semester following the Fellowship program, recipients are required to participate in a presentation and a debrief session in person at Michigan State University. Program participants are further required to complete 20 hours of service to the College of Education, selecting from a set of service options that will be explained before departure.

Eligibility:   Doctoral students in good academic standing in EAD, TE, CEPSE, or KIN in the College of Education, who are in the first three years of their program and can demonstrate satisfactory progress toward their degree, are eligible to apply.  Additionally, doctoral students in the College-wide Educational Policy Studies and the jointly- administered Mathematics Education programs are eligible. Students who participate in the Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding are eligible for summer research funding in the same year.

Covered Expenses: The College will offer a fellowship of $3400 to cover travel expenses, housing, and some cultural experiences. The fellowship does not cover passport and visa fees as well as vaccinations that might be required for travel to particular countries.  All fellowship recipients must purchase supplemental health insurance.  All travel arrangements will be made by the college as group discounts will make the costs more affordable. All participants will be required to stay as a group for the duration of the trip. This is a college-sponsored study trip and thus, no spouses or other friends or family members may accompany participants even if the cost is covered by the participant or other individual.  Please note that not all costs can be anticipated and we offer the best estimate based on current costs.  If, at the conclusion of this trip, you wish to stay longer or travel elsewhere, any additional costs must be absorbed by you and will not be part of the overall College allocation.  MSU will not be responsible for these post-study tour arrangements.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Reitumestse Mabokela at, Dr. Todd Drummond at, or Bree Becker at